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Réduction de 68% Il y a 22 heures et 44 minutes
Management of the Fuzzy Front End of Innovation
Réduction de 64% Il y a 21 heures et 38 minutes
The Empire Strikes Out: How Baseball Sold U.S. Foreign Policy and Promoted the American Way Abroad
Auteur: Robert Elias
Used Book in Good Condition.
Réduction de 62% Il y a 12 heures et 10 minutes
Plant Cell Biology: Structure and Function
Auteur: Brian E.S. Gunning, Martin W. Steer
Used Book in Good Condition.
131,03€ -47,87€
Réduction de 61% Il y a 16 heures et 8 minutes
European Ungulates and their Management in the 21st Century
Used Book in Good Condition.
140,05€ (£124,00)31,06€ (£27,50)30,37€ (£26,89)
Réduction de 57% Il y a 11 heures et 44 minutes
Signal Transduction Immunohistochemistry: Methods and Protocols
Signal Transduction Immunohistochemistry This book presents protocols that address the numerous challenges of signal-transduction immunohistochemistry (ST-IHC). Coverage includes protocols in digital imaging and image analysis of stained cells and techniques used in cancer and stem cell research. Full description
Réduction de 56% Il y a 8 heures et 54 minutes
Physics for Scientists and Engineers: With Modern Physics
Auteur: University Paul A Tipler, University Gene Mosca
Used Book in Good Condition.
 -3,77€ (£3,34)78,41€ (£69,43)
72,99€ -71,99€
Réduction de 55% Il y a 19 heures et 5 minutes
Corporate Social Responsibility and Trade Unions: Perspectives across Europe
Growing interest in corporate social responsibility (CSR) has focused attention on the relationship between businesses and key stakeholders, such as NGOs and local communities. Curiously, however, commentators on CSR rarely discuss the role of trade unions, while commentators on employment relations seldom engage with CSR. This situation ...
Réduction de 55% Il y a 17 heures et 5 minutes
Technocrime: Policing and Surveillance
The growth of technology allows us to imagine entirely new ways of committing, combating and thinking about criminality, criminals, police, courts, victims and citizens. Technology offers not only new tools for committing and fighting crime, but new ways to look for, unveil, label crimes and new ways to know, watch, prosecute and punish criminals. ...
Réduction de 54% Il y a 21 heures et 10 minutes
Project Management: A Managerial Approach
Auteur: Jack R. Meredith, Samuel J. Mantel Jr.
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Réduction de 54% Il y a 8 heures et 52 minutes
An Autobiography or The Story of My Experiments with Truth
Auteur: M.K. Gandhi
5,08€ (£4,50) -0,68€ (£0,60)
50,87€ -1,09€
Réduction de 53% Il y a 15 heures et 36 minutes
The Future of Central Banking: The Tercentenary Symposium of the Bank of England
Auteur: Forrest Capie, Stanley Fischer, Professor Charles Goodhart, Norbert Schnadt
Used Book in Good Condition.
7,35€ -35,63€
Réduction de 53% Il y a 4 heures et 5 minutes
Aeronautical Applications of Non-Destructive Testing
Auteur: Abbas Fahr
176,17€ -419,38€
Réduction de 53% Il y a 44 minutes
Dynamic Reading: Studies in the Reception of Epicureanism
Auteur: Brooke Holmes, W. H. Shearin
Used Book in Good Condition.
Réduction de 53% Il y a 21 heures et 5 minutes
Heat Capacities: Liquids, Solutions and Vapours
Ouvrage neuf. Disponible en stock.
Réduction de 52% Il y a 11 heures et 24 minutes
Dark Emu: Black Seeds: Agriculture or Accident?
Auteur: Bruce Pascoe
25,29€25,28€ -
25,49€ -128,29€
Réduction de 51% Il y a 6 heures et 27 minutes
SuperCompetent: The Six Keys to Perform at Your Productive Best
Auteur: Laura Stack
Used Book in Good Condition.
Réduction de 51% Il y a 4 heures et 2 minutes
Before the State: Systemic Political Change in the West from the Greeks to the French Revolution
Auteur: Andreas Osiander
Réduction de 51% Il y a 10 heures et 48 minutes
Audio Anecdotes: Tools, Tips, and Techniques for Digital Audio
Used Book in Good Condition.
Réduction de 50% Il y a 20 heures et 12 minutes
Understanding English as a Lingua Franca: A complete introduction to the theoretical nature and practical implications of English used as a lingua franca.
Auteur: Barbara Seidlhofer
Understanding English as a Lingua Franca The spread of English as the international lingua franca (ELF), like other aspects of globalization, calls for a reconsideration of conventional ways of thinking. As the language is taken over and put to effective communicative use by non-native speakers on a global scale, assumptions that native speakers ...
Réduction de 49% Il y a 9 heures et 7 minutes
Fundamentals of Fixed Prosthodontics
Auteur: Herbert T. Shillingburg
Used Book in Good Condition.
99,39€ (£88,00)84,71€ (£75,00)46,29€ (£40,99)
Réduction de 49% Il y a 7 heures et 47 minutes
Oxford Recorded Anthology of Western Music: 3 CDs
Auteur: Richard Taruskin, Christopher H. Gibbs
20,32€ (£17,99) -158,42€ (£140,27)
20,49€ -181,34€
Réduction de 48% Il y a 4 heures et 2 minutes
Low Frequency Scattering
Auteur: George Dassios, Ralph Kleinman
Used Book in Good Condition.
Réduction de 47% Il y a 10 heures et 17 minutes
Public Pensions and Economic Growth
Auteur: Berthold U. Wigger
Réduction de 45% Il y a 16 heures et 49 minutes
Advances in Cryogenic Engineering/Vol. 38a & 38B
Used Book in Good Condition.
Réduction de 45% Il y a 12 heures et 50 minutes
New Public Governance, the Third Sector, and Co-Production
In recent years public management research in a variety of disciplines has paid increasing attention to the role of citizens and the third sector in the provision of public services. Several of these efforts have employed the concept of co-production to better understand and explain this trend. This book aims to go further by systematizing ...